The Launchpad Pro doesn't have a sequencer mode by default, but with a custom firmware it is really easy to install this yourself.

The Subsequencely firmware made by jrcurtis and codicusmaximus works really well for this.
Click here to Download

The first file on that page is called Launchpad Pro-1.0.154.syx which is the original firmware if you want to revert back to the original firmware.The other file is called subsequencely.syx which you need for the subsequencely firmware.

It is really easy to install a custom firmware and ill exlain it here:

  • First install the Bome SendSX software to send the Firmware to the Launchpad Pro.
    Click here to Download

  • Connect the Launchpad Pro with a USB cable to your computer and start the Launchpad Pro in debug mode by holding the setup mode while pressing the power button. The Launchpad Pro will look like this:

  • After you installed Bome SendSX, open the subsequencely file with Bome SendSX and set the Launchpad Pro as MIDI Out.

  • After that press the Send button and wait until the Firmware has been send to the Launchpad Pro.
  • Reboot the system en the Subsequencely firmware has been installed!

For more information about the Subsequencely firmware check out the wiki made by jrcurtis: Subsequencely

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