Legacy TE is a tourney-viable modification of Project M 3.6 that aims to add new content to the modification while keeping the core unmodified or moved. We created new models for it and i was wondering if it was possible to show these models in the browser.

For this i had to convert the Super Smash Bros Brawl models to a format which is compatible with 3DS Max. I also had to convert the animations to a file which was readable. After that i exported the models with their animations to a openCOLLADA 3d model which could be imported with three.js which is a Javascript 3D Library. After that i added some camera movements and the possibility to switch between different character models.

In this conceptual demo Mario is fully working and Donkey Kong is also loading with some small texture problems. I could add more models to this concept if we are going to use this viewer in the future but for now these are the only models working.

You can see this concept working here:

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